The Manhattan Express: Yenna Hill

The Manhattan Express features Yenna Hill’s artful rebellion and the Keith Haring legacy in their new March issue. Hill is inventive, intentional and ready to break the status-quo with her artwork. She aims to further the essence of knowledge and the human way, using pop infused ancestral hieroglyphs. As a master of line work and color, Hill exudes spiritual, impactful auras in each finely painted canvas.



This simple but powerful technical skill of line painting has history dating back to cave walls, and more recently rediscovered by her famous late uncle Keith Haring, the iconic and impactful artist of the 1980s and 90s. He solidified the transformative nature of the monochromatic line, and Hill has followed in his footsteps. 

Her work has been on display in many group and solo shows and she is getting ready to debut at DTR Modern Galleries in SoHo on March 31, in honor of her talent and a final celebration for National Woman’s Month. We look forward to seeing where Yenna Hill will take us.

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