The Manhattan Express: Jill Cunniff and Punk Rock

This week, the Manhattan Express has featured our new female artist of DTR Modern Galleries, Jill Cunniff. Jill Cunniff creates works based off of her love for punk rock in an exploration of pairing language with art. She has begun taking the expression of language to an entirely new level. Familiar with the transcendental elevation of words, her work sends the viewer into a fit of song and emotion. With only watercolor, beeswax crayon and collage, the body of her work is a wonderful mosaic of form, layered with color.

Born and raised in NYC, Cunniff is a powerful storyteller – from when she found herself in Basquiat’s studio, to her run-ins with Keith Haring, and her musical friendship with the Beastie Boys, she has much to share. She is a product of the ungoverned and radical moment of the 1980s in New York, from painting to playing the guitar to being a lead singer in a band, her years of experience in creation have lead her to this new age of creativity. 

Her song lyrics are illuminated with color and variations of brush strokes, inviting warm and cool sounds, laughter and tears, an outlet for the human experience. She will be showcasing her work at the Women in Art exhibition at DTR Modern Gallery in SoHo on March 31st. Please RSVP on our website.

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