The Manhattan Express: Francisco Valverde

Francisco Valverde demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between obsession and freedom in art, the dynamic interplay that ignites the creative process. Valverde consistently is unlocking new possibilities, elevating his art, reaching extraordinary heights with his craft. 

Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 1972, Valverde knew from a young age that painting was his passion. He began creating work more reminiscent of contemporary figurative than abstraction. As a young artist influenced by his fellow art students in Mexico City and contemporary artists around the world, he eventually abandoned the paints and brushes for rebellious line work and plastic, resin materials. 

He embraced freedom in the same way a child would in his outlaid expression of depth, color, texture, and intensity. What appears before. the viewer is a living, breathing, narrative, one that is meant to depict the coalescence of both obsession and freedom. 

Francisco Valverde’s work deserves an up-close eye to be able to discover the beauty and complexity of his creations.

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