The Manhattan Express: Bram Reijnders ‘Through Destruction’

Dutch artist Bram Reijnders takes a wild, unconventional route in creation, mimicking his energetic, wild personality. Often referred to as the “Neo Dutch Master of the Urban Landscape,” Reijnders has created a new way to emulate urbanity, the method of “decollage.” Using the Urban Jungle as his muse (the city), he hand-rips billboards thickly layered with wheat paste to make the foundation of his piece. He applies an intense concotion of paint, glaze, and heat – and then without warning, slashes into the work, altering what was once perfect into truth. 

This idea first made its appearance with Picasso’s linocuts; art devoted to destruction to ensure creation. His creative journey continues as he sets his art on fire to create passionate pieces of abstract expressionism and the pop extremism. Reinjders continues to challenge the standards of art, and his work is on view at all of DTR Modern’s locations. See below for some current works in our collection.