The Manhattan Express: Art Talk with Sabine Wiedenhofer

Sabine Wiedenhofer, an inspiration, a light in the dark, a modern mythical muse.

Born in 1974, Sabine is considered one of the most important contemporary artists in Austria. With a unique ability to use several different mediums, techniques and styles, she is an extraordinary painter, sculptor and photographer. Like a renaissance woman, her photography is illuminating, powerful like her paintings, saturated in color and explorative. 

Featured above is her new series, “No More.” Wiedenhofer is entering a new artistic phase where her work speaks for activism. She is taking a stand against exclusion and voilence, in a raw artistic release of anger and anguish, she expresses the feelings of those underrepresented in society. She creates art in a desire for change, resolution, peace. 

Sabine is an artist on a mission, a voice to be heard, a beacon in the darkness. Her work can be found in many prominent collections and is on regular display at our DTR Modern Gallery locations. 

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