Dan’s Papers: Talk Sculpture with Jane Manus

Jane Manus is a sought after, world renowned sculptor. She has made a name for herself as one of the few prominent female artists in the genre of abstract geometric sculpture. With a BFA from Rollins College and the Art Institute of Boston, she has mastered her craft and her works are on view around the world.

The piece above was one she created in 1989, “Condor, ” in desire to build something at a great scale, that works in balance and from all angles. She encourages her viewers to walk around her sculptures and observe them from all perspectives, stimulating new ways of perception. 


The piece above here, “Red Eagle” is the one that caught DTR Modern Gallery Director Bryan Walsh’s interest and lead to our now 11 year long partnership with the artist. Jane has her work in museum collections and in prominent private collections, and continues to passionately create sculptures of many dimensions. We are looking forward to seeing her continue to pursue her creative endeavors.


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