Dan’s Papers: Clarence James at National Arts Club

The December issue of Dan’s Papers features cover art by DTR artist, Clarence James. The piece, “I was Thinking I Thought” is highlighted in promotion of his solo show at the elite National Arts Club in SoHo, NYC, featuring an array of his street art portrait pieces that will be on view until December 17th.   

A self-taught artist inspired by fashion-art collaborations and street art legends like Basquiat, he has persevered as an entrepreneurial artist now finding great success. James founded his personal brand PVMT84, which stands for “pave a path, build a road that others can use,” a mantra to represent the “controlling mechanisms of society” and the “gap between truth and reality.” James carries this idea through in each of his pieces as they work together in a series to incite introspection. “The color palette is meant to get your attention, and color coveys a lot of emotion… Hopefully that gets one in a state of intrigue, a moment for self-reflection, and through that process, hopefully it’s an exercise that you can be reminded of who you are” (Clarence James).

Clarence’s artwork is an exploration of truth and self. He makes abstract, figurative artwork that establishes a connection between conscious and subconscious factors, individuals, themselves and universal consciousness.

He paints with bold color, urgent line and brushwork, using graphic shapes and forms. His style combines painting and drawing, abstraction and representation, a specific use of mixed media materials and an eclectic iconography of figurative elements. While contemporary in his choice of materials and subjects, he bridges a wide range of historical influences, including, Neo-expressionism, surrealism, cubism and street art. He alters classical conventions of portraiture, and creates an allegorical narrative filtered through the lens of popular culture and daily experience within society.


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