Dan’s Papers: Celebrating Spring with Campbell La Pun

This month’s issue of Dan’s Papers features the lovely cover art by Campbell La Pun.

Born in New Zealand, La Pun called Melbourne, Australia home until he took his budding art career to Tokyo, Japan. There he blossomed into a renowned international artist, using paints, aerosols, stencils and images of iconic pop culture characters from video games, films and anime.

The “Sakura Hanami” series is inspired by the cherry blossoms that would bloom on La Pun’s walk to his art studio, through the Kamakura shrine. He wanted to replicate the look and feeling of the blossoms as they bloomed and as they started to fall later in the season. La Pun’s stencil process is extremely meticulous and extensive, requiring a perfectly steady hand and eye, and La Pun leaves us in awe us each time. 

Campbell La Pun is a world renowned international artist. He worked with Dom Perignon for a private event in Switzerland, has had solo shows all across Europe and we are looking forward to debuting his new work as a solo exhibition in Boston. La Pun continues to create artwork that everyone can enjoy, from his eccentric colors to the fine details of the stencil, he keeps progressing and impressing. See below for his full collection. 

Click the link to read the full article: https://www.dtrmodern.com/portfolio/campbell-la-pun/.